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Explore our diverse rental offerings, from cozy studios to luxurious accommodations, finding your home away from home with us. Experience comfort and hospitality amidst the breathtaking Swiss scenery. Embark on a personalized and unforgettable stay, as each residence is curated to cater to your unique preferences. 

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About us

Since 1998, we've been devoted to renting holiday apartments. Starting at Chalet Stieregg, we expanded in 2018 to include the apartment of long-term guests at Chalet Alpenblume. In 2020, we added the Valerian apartment, and in 2024, the Cassiopeia apartment joined us.

Our mission is to provide excellent service and comprehensive information to ensure a pleasant stay in Grindelwald and surroundings.

Owners: Beatrice and Peter Kaufmann, Franziska and Daniel Graf with Amélie, Andreas Kaufmann, along with Cat Jimmy, Tortoises Fix and Foxi.

Fulfilling your wishes and expectations brings us daily joy.